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Nathan Anderson: and04387@umn.edu

Project Manager:

Charlie Kuok: kuokx001@umn.edu


Email freedom@umn.edu

Freedom by Design is the service branch of the AIAS.  The purpose of FBD is to design solutions for clients in need.  Historically, these clients have been everyone from the physically disabled to the economically or socially disadvantaged.  However, chapters across the U.S. are constantly redefining the organization's scope and scale.  If you would like to make a difference through design by working on real projects for real clients, please sign up to our newsletter below and attend one of our builds. 



Hours logged at builds are eligible with the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and can contribute toward an architectural license. Because we are part of a certified nonprofit, all donations to Freedom by design are tax deductable. Freedom by Design is entirely volunteer based so one does not need to be a member of the AIAS to participate.