AIAS Board Members


Maura McDaniel - President

.Maura is the President of AIAS. She is in Studio 2 in the BS Program, and works as an office assistant at 17th Ave. Residence Hall. Along with AIAS, she is involved with FBD, NOMAS, WIASO, AXP Design Fraternity, Design U, and the College of Design Curriculum and Communications Committee. She is interested in many facets of both design and architecture. She says that there are major implications at all scales of design; from residential to commercial projects; from a website to a campaign; from a sidewalk to a transit system; from a pen to an airplane; these are all issues of design. She’s interested in how design can impact the world. From Saint Paul, MN, her other interests include the crossover between architecture and other design fields and she is minoring in interdisciplinary design. She loves hiking and playing frisbee, and anything outside in the wilderness; she is passionate about the environment and considers this in her designs. 


Dana Saari - Vice President

Dana is the Vice President of AIAS. Currently a sophomore in Studio 2 in the BS Program, she also works at the Institute for Global Studies at the U, and is a Debate Coach at Edina High School. Outside of architecture, she loves drawing, biking, and smoothie slingin’; she also has an interest in political science and philosophy. Within architecture and design, she has an interest in social justice and sustainable design. 

austin Peterson - secretary

Austin is the Secretary of AIAS and is currently a Freshman in the Pre-Arch program, applying for the BS program in May. he works at Presbyterian Homes and Services as a Server. Within design and architecture, he is interested in cooperative design. He hopes to include many people in his designs in order to represent everyone. He also is interested in sustainable design and how new and old buildings can help contribute to creating a better world. He loves learning about our past and taking history courses, and he enjoys nature and spending as much time outdoors as possible. 

Megan Gahlman - treasurer


Charlie kuok - Membership Committee Chair

Charlie is the Membership Committee Chair for AIAS. He is currently a junior in the Pre-Arch program and is planning on applying for the BS program in May.  He currently works at the Bookstore in Coffman Memorial Union. He is interested in how architecture is an emotional experience and how architecture can solve problems in the world. 

Jolie Dunlap - Professional Committee Chair

Jolie is the Professional Committee Chair for AIAS, and is a senior in Studio 3 in the BS program. Currently, she is a cake decorator at Target. Within architecture and design, she has always been interested in the whole iterative design process and design thinking methods in general, but throughout school she has developed a particular interest in environmental design and hedonistic sustainability.  The impact that humans can have on the future of our planet is very important to her. 

Kaitlyn Denten - Public relations Committee Chair

Kaitlyn is the Public Relations committee chair for AIAS. Currently a freshman in the Pre-Arch program, she is looking to apply to the BS program in May. She is also a Recruitment Assistant at the School of Public Health and an Associate Trainer at Panera. Outside of AIAS, she is part of WIASO and is the apparel chair for Alpha Sigma Kappa. She is interested largely in sustainable design and loves architectural history. She also is pursuing a Spanish Studies minor and loves watching Sherlock and going to Gopher hockey and football games. 

Erin Kindell - Student Licensing Advisor


MacKenzie Kusler - Student Licensing Advisor 



freedom by design board members


Nathan Anderson - director


charlie kuok - project manager


sasha Karlusa - social relations

Hi my name is Sasha Karleuša,  I'm a junior in the BDA program and I'm double minoring in Sustainability Studies and Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. As you can probably tell i'm super interested in pursuing sustainable architectural design and exploring the world of innovative materials and unconventional building methods such as biomimicry.  I'm also interested in the architect's role in creating spaces that thrive socially and equitably.  Freedom by Design gives me the incredible opportunity to put my designs in the realm of the real world while i'm still in school.

jared eichberger - treasurer

Jared Eichberger is in studio 3 for the B.S program. He has been the treasurer for Freedom by Design for the past two years. Along with spending most of his time at Rapson, he also enjoys playing piano and attempting to keep up on Chicago and gopher sports.

Benjamin janes - project manager

Ben is a sophomore in Studio 1.  His passion for architecture and design stems from the ability to improve people's lives in big and small ways every day.  This opportunity to make a difference in the community using design is part of what he loves about Freedom by Design.  On the rare occasion he's not at Rapson, Ben can be found exploring the cities with friends, in a workshop somewhere working on a new piece of furniture, or chasing after every doggo he sees on campus.